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During the Kansas City Royals World Series run, we had a chance to step away with a fellow fan, with Kelsay joining us at Loose Park for the first half of her senior session (the next half coming in the spring).    

Karen has the kind of red hair that Rachel and I hope our own daughter grows up to have. Beyond that trait, however, lies a wonderful young woman ready to take on the transition to college with great confidence. We had a great time in both Westport and the Nelson Atkins Museum in downtown Kansas […]

The benefit of a larger gap of time between a ceremony and reception is that you can take a wedding part of twelve somewhere like Union Station for a couple hours and not feel rushed. The fact that the party contains a bride and groom like Megan and Matt, along with a party of siblings […]

We had a great fall day session at Loose Park in Kansas City, MO with the Litrell family. Their year old daughter proved to be a trooper as well!